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I wanted to commend you with this products application in the bicycle industry. 
I do not own a gun and only use it on my bike (wheel bearings and chain).  I was
introduced to this product by the former shop owner of Moorpark Bicycles.  I
am a two time CA State Time Trail Champion (2005, 2006) and I credit the
extremely efficient drive train operation of my bike to your product.  I
love it so much that I ordered 3!

Bart Stoehr


I am delighted to have gotten off chain oil and found BikeButter as my bearing and chain lube. BikeButter has proven to be a clean runner in 1400 miles on my brand new touring bicycle. In four months of training to ride across the USA this Fall, I kept inspecting and looking for a dirty chain. During month one I racked the bicycle twice to degrease the chain. The first time was to remove the gummy wax which came free from Trek and apply the new BikeButter. The increased ease of rolling and pedaling resistance was beyond reason. This makes removing the wax from new chains a, "no-brainer". The second degreasing was to remove BikeButter and reapply, out of habit. Old habits are hard to break. I did my final chain cleaning and lube today before I start the 3100-mile ride pulling my trailer across the Southern United States. I racked the bicycle because I have a good rack for complete inspection and maintenance. Did "the works" wash and lube. Puzzlement continues as the chain passes my cleanliness and ungunk inspections. I loaded the bicycle in the Jeep to head for San Diego. I am so happy that BikeButter has replaced my chain cleaner kit, solvents, and eliminated the tiny degunked grease specks all over my rear wheel. Pass the butter please!

On September 11, 2005 two bicycle racers competed for the first time equiped with Bikebutter:

Dave Harrison has biked; Pro USA Triathlon, Licensed Pro MTB, and is an A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer who just won the Galenda Grinder by six minutes over the next pro and had the fastest lap time. In off-road terms winning by an average of 1.7 mph!

Kevin Baer has replaced the original grease in my bike's pedal and hub bearings with this wonderful new product prior to my San Diego start. Kevin said, "I should be able to tell the difference". Oh Boy, I sure did. BikeButter instantly gave my bike that "silky feel". The chain, pedals, and wheels now "whirr" effortlessly! My chain drive system is now smooth and quiet! I'll ride assured having witnessed Bikebutters proven performance. Kevin, thank you.
-Earl Ley, Seattle Kid

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