I get all kinds of new products sent to me constantly. One out of five hundred products will perform or do as claimed by the manufacturer. Gun Butter is the rare product exception; it far exceeds the quality and performance you expressed. Gun Butter is one of those products that exceed the claims made by its maker.

Since 2003, our personal experience has shown that Gun Butter allows our guns to function better and longer with confidence. Now jams and or malfunctions can no longer be attributed to lubrication. With Gunbutter, cleaning is now quicker and easier – no more solvent. Just brush and or towel wipe clean then re-apply Gun Butter and assemble. You will feel the difference the first time you rack the slide, it is sweet.


1 comment to Todd Jarrett

  • Lynn Burkholder

    Glad to see you have been doing well and made the big time. I remember shooting with you at IWLL Lynchburg back in the 80’S and 90’s and at On Target/Roanoke. I tell folks I know you, but they don’t believe me. LOL
    Take care, I have retired in New Bern and still shoot a Jerry Dove .38 super.
    Lynn Burkholder

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