I learned the hard way at the area 6 3 gun how important the right kind of lube can be on the first rifle stage I had a monstrous 10 sec jam with a round stuck in the chamber I had to beat the rifle on the table top which ended up pulling the bullet out of the case and mixing un-burnt powder in the chamber of the rifle only to cause another jam on the next rifle stage where I ended up DNFing the last target to top it off my Bennelli also jammed for about 6 seconds due to over-lubing the bolt with too thick of lube. God helped me survive this weekend with a miraculous match win but I was really thankful for being turned on to Gun Butter through my friend Paul at MSTN . In the past 5 years since I started using gun butter I haven’t had any equipment malfunctions not only at all the major 3 gun matches but the monthly ones locally also; this lube combined with my bolts and carriers and internals make for extremely easy cleaning and maintenance. If you are in search of the best weapons lubricant on earth your search is over with gun butter.


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