In 2003, I was asked to try a new gun lubricant by the guys we now know make that wonderful Gun Butter. I could hardly believe how smooth my slide moved, seeming to reduce the distraction of the gun functioning, it felt like butter.

My gun worked and felt so good I didn´t clean it for several USPSA matches and local shoot nights. It was still functioning as the day the guy’s lubed it for me. It did not get the buildup of carbon fouling and residue build up that normally would have caused a malfunction long before now. I was impressed.

Thank heaven, I ran into the guys at a local shoot and they saw my gun and asked, “What’s going on with your gun?” I replied I hadn’t cleaned it because I didn’t want my gun to change the way it was working. They laughed and gave me a prototype bottle of my own. The rest is history; I’m sticking with Gun Butter.

I was able to use it to win the 2003 USPSA Nationals in Bend, Oregon.

You will have to try it to believe it. You’ll be glad you did.


Lisa Munson – From USPSA Ladies Zone

Lisa 2010

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