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  • Dale L.

    Subject: Outstanding

    Mark, Just had to drop you a note and let you know about my experience with Gun Butter. I have a Kimber Ultra Carry 2 that I have had for 2 years and have not been happy with the gun at all. The Kimber has been very ROUGH to shoot. You could feel the slide moving and picking up another round from the mag. That is how rough it was. Kimber kept telling me to shoot the gun and oil it heavy with Break Free. After 1000 rounds I was ready to give up. Then I saw an add for Gun Butter at Midway USA, and it was on sale. I read the reviews on it and ordered it to give it a try. WOW!!! I must say that my Kimber now is SMOOTH!, just like it should be. I cannot believe the difference in this gun. You can bet I will use it on all of my guns from now on. I am ready to spread the word to all my friends and shooting buddy’s. I know what I am putting in my buddy’s Christmas gifts for them this year. Keep up the GREAT job and keep making more. Thanks, Dale L.

  • SGT Jesse H

    Subject: Thank you!

    Hello Sir,
    My name is Jesse H and I placed an order with you on 01 October and recieved it today ( 03 October). Thank you for the fast delivery! Thank you also for sending the business cards, I will be sure to hand them out to fellow shooters and my Company and Battalion Commanders in hopes we can all use your product in the future. Again thank you for the customer service I recieved and keep up the good work.

    Very Respectfully,
    SGT Jesse H

  • Jack J

    Within a few hours of receiving Gun Butter I used two tiny drops and my objective was immediately accomplished. The product has paid for itself.
    The first thing I notice was the excellent packaging. I am really impressed by your product presentation.
    Thanks a lot.

    Jack J

  • Joe W

    I am a beginner with non-Army, non-revolver personal firearms.
    I have spent the last year finding out what doesn’t work for me.
    Your Gunbutter has made pistols that had been only operationally marginal for me,
    virtually problem free.
    I want more… Thank you

    Joe W
    Limerick, Maine

  • Chris M.


    Great meeting you and Drew last weekend. You are both great guys. I think your product is outstanding. It made my guns run smooth as silk. My brother and I took a high level professional pistol/self defense course together and my brother had just got a well used, slightly abused, but never cleaned standard Colt1991A1. Just prior to the course, we cleaned it and I applied Gun Butter to it and he ran 700+ rounds through it, over 3 days, dirt and rain and no malfunctions at all. Ditto on my own gun. I tell my friends all the time about GB and I’ve even turned a few skeptical friends into users and they were very impressed.

    Thank you and we’ll see you later,

    Chris M.

  • Jim M.

    Best Lube I have ever found:

    I bought a bottle of Gun Butter, this stuff is amazing and I can’t say enough about it.
    I put some on a very tightly fitted Caspian slide and it felt like it was on ball bearings. Then I figured is it would what it advertises, that it won’t freeze so I put the gun in a plastic bag and put the gun in our deep freezer. Well I didn’t have time to shoot until the following weekend. I took the gun out and hand cycled the slide which I thought would not cycle, but cycled easily. Took the gun out to the field behind my shop and it worked flawlessly, over 273 rounds with out a hiccup. When I tore the gun down for cleaning I was amazed that the rails and slide ways were still clean and had a good coat of gun butter on them. Usually the FP-10 is a dirt trap from my shot rounds with powder fouling but not this time and the only difference was the Gun Butter lube I used. I shot a combination of jacketed and lead reloads.

    Now I tested it in my Glock’s to see if it lowers my trigger pull, one of which is 2.25lbs. It did and I am moving to Gun Butter for all my lubrication needs. They have
    a web site, check them out at:

    Thanks again,
    Jim M.
    Glock, SIG Arms, S&W & Beretta Armorer

  • Arooj

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry for any confusion. I am new to this product, but a little web-searching found lots of rave reviews, and I kicked myself for not hearing about this sooner. I have a chemistry background, so I know this stuff is not easy to come up with.
    Looking forward to trying it out, and ordering more in the near future. I have to find out if any of my other buddies in Western NY have any knowledge of it.

    Best regards,



  • Hambone

    I took possession of a Berreta 1935 .32 auto about a month ago, nice piece needing some TLC. It didn’t cycle well, jammed every round, curses! I saw your product on Midway, read the reviews, and thought I had to give this a shot {no pun intended}. I am totally amazed at how this piece functions now, when the slide comes into battery, its with authority. At the range yesterday, not once did it falter or fail to shoot. I’ve got new springs ordered for it, will let you know how it functions then.
    Thanks for putting out a fantastic product, only thing on my bench now!

  • Well im back i bought 3 bottles of GUNBUTTER.As soon as i cleaned a .40cal EMP Springfield & a Crimson Trace Kimber.45 both 3″.I could not belive what i was seeing.This is what i have been looking for all my 51 years of my life.GUYS I ALMOST WET MY PANTS.This stuff is slicker than owl snot.I noticed a huge change in how the guns cycled.I took them to the range im a member of and low & behold it was shut down due to 4 days of hard rain.At this point i dont know when ill be able to do any any shooting.Ill have to get back wifi going dead MD OUT.

  • Mark:

    I took this off the High Road this morning:


    Join Date: September 24, 2010
    Location: Hills west of Denver
    Posts: 11

    For you gentlemen who are having problems with the safety and de-cockers working smoothly: Go to Midway USA and get some “Gun Butter”, this stuff is the cat’s pajamas! I got a Beretta 1935 .32 auto about 6 weeks ago, it had been awhile since a good cleaning. After cleaning, I put some GB on the safety/slide release, slide and trigger components, it now works like slick hot butter! You don’t need but a touch of it on the slide, its made of synthetic oils, and man do they work wonders!! Try this stuff, you’ll be amazed!

    Regards Mike at Action Masters

  • Jorge

    Might be nice to have tiny/short video to show how to use gun butter grease on all those parts for different guns.

    Beretta 92fs
    Glock 17, etc

  • Michael R

    This stuff works great on all the pistols and rifles that I’ve used it on. Guns that I thought were goners have turned into excellent with Gun Butter.

  • Phil Santa Cruz

    Hi Mark,

    This is Phil from Target Masters in Milpitas California. I have given your product a few test runs and am more then pleased with the results. All of my firearms instantly smoothed out almost as if there was no metal to metal contact. My .22 had some recurring light strikes, but after Gun Butter they were gone. I would carry the pen oiler in my pocket at work, and any time a customer had a problem with their firearm and i noticed any sign of dryness I would take that opportunity pitch your product. I also lent the pen oiler and grease to a friend/coworker for his rifles and he loved it. He now owns the pen and is ready to try it on his new AR. Ill keep sending you customers and you keep producing that amazing product.

    Thank you again.


  • You might be interested in a review I just penned on your product at The Truth About Guns.

    Brad Kozak

  • RMK

    I love this stuff! I have tried many different kinds of lube for my gun and this is the only thing I will put on mine. Thanks for an awesome product!

  • You guys have got one Hell of a product.This is what all gun lubes is lacking.For example the applicater how easy to use. The smell it doesnt stink.It stays where you put it even when you run 200 rounds threw it.Break your gun down it will be where you put it not running down the side after you put a bunch of rounds down range.Use this product you wont regret it.

  • Judy & John

    Not only do we use Gun Butter on our “live weapons” but it’s a must on any Airsoft guns. We upgrade Airsoft guns in both AEG and GBB for movie props. When they come out of the ABS plastic frames and are fitted into trademarked machined aluminum slides & frames you have 3 dissimilar metals all working against each other. This being zinc alloy, stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum. One application of Gun Butter lube to the pivot parts, mag release and the rails plus Gun Butter grease applied to the sear and your Airsoft gun finally works great! With the AEG type of Airsoft, apply Gun Butter grease to the gears and you will triple the life of the gear box and all gears. Save your silicone oil for the blow back chamber or the hop-up on the AEG. Gun Butter the rest and you will be glad you did.

  • John & Judy

    Another great use for Gun Butter and the “GB” grease is on Airsoft guns. Most out of the box Airsoft guns are a classic case of at least two to three dissimilar metals all working against each other which causes galling in the zinc alloy parts immediately upon use. We build replica firearms out of quality Airsoft guns both GBB & AEG. This requires removing all working parts, replacing as much of the zinc alloy as possible with stainless steel parts & re-tapping the usually questionable metric threads on the aluminum trademarked slides and frames. Then all screws are replaced with German camera screws. Special U.S. springs are then substituted after which the usual Hong Kong upgrade parts are added like the tight inner barrel combined with high quality hop up packing & higher output magazine valves. The pistons and floating valve assemblies are replaced. The rest is our secret. The biggest secret, now exposed, to make it function smoothly and reliably shot after shot, is Gun Butter and the Gun Butter Grease on the trigger mechanism and sear. If you are just an Airsoft gamer and don’t want to go to all this expense, your sear is zinc alloy and your trigger bar is most likely a steel stamping. Again, the galling of the sear and high wear is evident even with the high cost lithium grease. With Gun Butter….try no wear. Last but not least, for you AEG types, pull open that gear box and replace that Asian lithium grease with the Gun Butter Grease and use liquid Gun Butter in your hop up chamber. Finish this up with a patch down the barrel with liquid Gun Butter and you will notice a FPS increase and distance that will amaze you. Believe me, this stuff works and works great. It’s worth every penny.

  • Richard Levine

    I just returned from a week of training at Front Sight Training Institute in Nevada. I used my 1911 for the four day handgun course and my M4 for a two day rifle course. I had lubed both guns with Gun Butter about a month or so before leaving and had only fired them just before my trip. What was most amazing was that I never cleaned the 1911 or the M4 the whole time I was there; I wanted to see how well it worked. I shot about 500 rounds in the 1911 and about 200 rounds in the M4 without one single FTF, FTE or any other lube related malfunction. Great stuff!

  • Chris

    I purchased the Triple pack two months back; both my Kimber and my S&W 40 pro have fired every round. I shoot two to three times a week and put 250 to 400 rounds down range on each pistol every time that I go. Since using Gun Butter both pistols have not skipped a beat, no FTL’s, no FTE’s they just fire round after round. What a confidence builder. Thanks Gun Butter!

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  • Afghan Eddie

    Thanks guys for a great product!
    I am embedded as a contractor here in AFG up north near Kabul. From the M-9’s to ma duce, every weapon here is running smooth with gun butter. A picked up a few bottles and spread it around. The troops love it and my weapons are combat ready at all times because of it. I have tried everything and nothing helps them run like gun butter. When I get home I will use it on all my personal firearms. Thanks again, see you at the big PX!!

  • PJ

    First of all your product is awesome. Does what you say it does and even surpassed my expectations.
    Secondly you guys are fast. Placed an order yesterday on your website and found by your email that it was on its way this morning.
    Remember folks, Christmas is just around the corner and Gun Butter makes a great gift for all your favorite shooters!

  • Ed OCallaghan

    I have been using gun butter for the past year here in Afghanistan. Every weapon here from our Mk.19 down to the M-9’s just love this stuff. In our work, we cant leave it to chance that our weapons function, and gunbutter has kept all weapons running out here. Thank you for this amazing, and life saving, product.
    Ed OCallaghan
    Embedded law enforcement professional
    COP McClain
    Logar Province, AFG
    APO AE 09364

  • Afghan Eddie

    BTW Eddie, hows the GB holdin out?
    Good so far, we have all weapons coated, even a 50!
    the 50 just likes a little bit and runs like a dream,
    240’s need a little more, one ran 800 rounds the other
    day during a firefight and didnt miss a step, ready
    for more. SAWS are a little more particular, if
    headspace is off on the long barrels nothing helps.
    Overall, it is a hit out here. We have 3 big tubes left
    and a tube goes a long way!

    Damien Costabile
    Croatan Firearms
    Type 07 Weapons Manufacturer
    Certified Gunsmith / Armorer
    NRA Certified RSO
    219 Woodland Drive
    Southern Shores, NC 27949-3326
    cell 252-256-8414
    hm 252-255-0469

  • Stax32

    Great stuff… You may want to consider enclosing a cap for the grease tube to cover it up once you cut the tip off. For now I use a piece of round toothpick to close up the opening.

  • The tip on the grease is a pull off cap.

    Please do not hesitate to call me immediately if I may be of any assistance to you at; (425) 742-7331 or (425) 275-6410 cell.

    Thank You. Enjoy and Good Shooting!

    Take care and warmest regards,
    “The performance you want with protection you can trust”

  • Simply

    There’s absolutely nothing I get pleasure from more compared to coming to this weblog each and every week following work. Thanks a lot for every one of the wonderful posts!!

  • I started using Gunbutter after reading about the lubricant on 7-8 years ago. I ordered 2 2/3 oz bottles and am just placing a “refill” order for more.
    I like to run my weapons dry – I only lubricate the bearing surfaces. I have found the GB not only lubs when and where it’s supposed to, but it doesn’t run away when hot. I started using GB in my ARs after initially using it in my 1911s and BHP. I find that a small amount on the surfaces of the BCB and the bolt itself is all that is required for lubrication. In fact, I have found that the GB does not give me any kind of “splash back” like other lubricants have. I even use some on the ram of my Dillon RL550 reloading press.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Nick

    Hey guys-

    So I’ve been using Gun Butter oil and grease almost exclusively for over four years now. I say “almost exclusively” as a mere technicality. Every now and then I’ve tried other products to see how the “other guys” compare and see if there are benefits to the other products. But nothing ever does so much and so well as Gun Butter. Slides travel more smoothly, triggers break cleaner and reset more crisply, cylinders spin like they’re on ball bearings, bolt carrier groups glide like they’re on polished glass. Every brand new gun I’ve purchased since I started using Gun Butter has been immediately degreased upon getting it home, and had your products applied and used for break-in as well as after every subsequent cleaning. I could not be happier with the performance of a lubricant/grease. I’m lucky enough to live in the Seattle area so I got turned on to Gun Butter in roughly 2008 before all my midwestern friends knew about it and have told countless people about it since. Thanks for all the hard work that must have gone into making such a great product.

  • Kellan

    I don’t normally leave comments or feedback, but after using Gun Butter I feel inclined to say how fantastic the products are. Seriously, start using these products if you aren’t already.

  • Mark

    I’m new to shooting, picked up a CZ75B and have an old M1 carbine I recently got restored. The gun shop at my range swears by your product so I bought a tube, and it is perfect– really easy to apply with precision, and works in both a very high tolerance sidearm (the CZ is barely broken in) and a much looser one (the M1).

    But I am really writing to tell you that it also is perfect for another application. My old business was high-end audio products (originally at retail, later in manufacturing). I recently set up a high-end turntable that had been unused for many years, and my old tube of silicon lubricant had long leaked away, so I tried Gunbutter. Best turntable bearing lubricant I’ve ever used! And that’s an application where precision application is critical, as there are rubber and plastic parts close by (belts and pulleys) that one must avoid while lubricating the metal ones. You should seriously think about reaching out to the high end audio market.

  • Well mark you have the most amazing lubricant there is amazing stuff to say the least I tell everyone to go buy a bottle thanks for such a great product keep up the good work

  • This is by far the most amazing lubricant on the market I mean really it is I do security in all crazy weather rain heavy snow extremely cold weather dusty conditions and nothing can stop GB try it you will love it plus make the slide feel like on bearings

  • Dean Rolfe

    This past year my brother started a race team and purchased an Outlaw Cage Kart (races on oval dirt tracks) to run in various indoor & outdoor tracks in the western Oregon area (based in Eugene). These particular karts have an upper cage that essentially floats in attach fittings on the frame. For the kart to handle properly, the cage must be ‘free’ so drivers/owners are constantly cleaning and lubricating the joints. The most common lube is WD-40 or similar products. A friend of mine uses Gun Butter on his shifter kart and told me it made a significant difference in the chain & wheel bearing performance, not to mention cutting the cleaning and re-lubrication times to nearly nil! So I recommended Gun Butter to my brother to use on the cage joints and his chain (for starters). Well, it was obvious from the first race that this stuff was nothing short of a miracle! The cage joints remained free and CLEAN, and the chain & sprocket spun significantly easier…and stayed clean!! We immediately started looking at any other places to start using the GB and the next thing we knew, every rod end ball and attach bolt, pedal hinge points, & the cables had been treated with GB. He intends to start using it in the wheel bearings before the next season starts…and just bought a second kart so it will get the full treatment right out of the gates.

  • Netty

    Fantastic stuff.Brand new to gun ownership and after reading a lot and watching countless video’s on take downs, cleanings and lubrication of firearms (pistols) I began to spend money on various cleaners AND oils. Quite frankly I didn’t like the way any of the oils worked or held up. I ordered your competitors oil 2 weeks ago and the way they packaged the product for shipment it had leaked out of the bottle saturating the newspaper packaging and box it came in not to mention nothing left in the bottle that I paid good $ for,(will never order from them again) now that I found Gun Butter. The 3 tubes that I ordered came vacu. packed so no leaking, as soon as I received them today I took apart my main Smith & Wesson cleaned it and applied your Gun Butter. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product and your forethought to vacu. wrap so no fuss,no mess.
    Thanks Mark

  • Danny

    I purchased Gunbutter as a component in building a project semi auto race gun. “This lube is amazing!” So much so, I decided to try it in my primary and back up carry sidearms, as well as my M4. Gunbutter out performs any of the lubricants I have used in my 40+ years of working with firearms. Enough said on the product.
    In a recent order I had placed there was a minor problem with product packaging. After contacting Gunbutter for assistance, the issue was quickly resolved with a solution that far exceeded my expectations.

  • Samir

    I have to take my words back. Just recived gunbutter. Its the best product for firearms ever.

  • Scott Peoples

    Mark called me yesterday afternoon 5/2/2017 @ 4:13 PM EDT and stated my order dated April 18th was delayed because “they got hacked”. I was told my Gun Butter order would be shipped out today, 5/3/2017 so I am happy to hear that. Shortly before his phone call I had written a not so glowing comment on this site based on the fact I had not received my paid for order and 14 days had passed without a word.
    Mark, thanks for the phone call I appreciate it very much. Once I receive my order of Gun Butter in a few days I’ll be sure to write my review of the product I am very much looking forward to using. I’ll keep my eye out for it so let’s hope it arrives soon.

    Please update your contact phone number on the website for current and future customers and keep up the good work.

  • Robert Dalton

    Mark has been an excellent source of information for me. I am a new gun owner and have found mark not only resourceful but extremely willing to provide pertinent advice regarding gun products. I ordered the Gun Butter Pen Oiler and found the product to be of high quality and easy to apply. My local gun dealer highly recommended his product, so I contacted Mark and he promptly sent out my order. I will definitely purchase from Mark in the future and feel grateful for his service and professionalism!

    Thanks Mark!


    Robert Dalton

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